What Restorative Justice offers

Restorative justice gives you the chance to have a say over what happens to you. There are many different reasons why people decide to do restorative justice. Here are just a few of them;


For a victim:

  • It's a chance for you to say what you need to say directly to the person who harmed you
  • You can hear the offender accept responsibility for what they have done, perhaps receive an apology from them, and for you to decide how genuine you think they are
  • You can ask questions of the offender
  • You can have a say in how the harm done to you can be addressed
  • You can have a voice in the justice process and know that the Judge has heard how it's been for you
  • You can make sure that the offender knows how the offence has impacted on you and your family and you can ask them to respond to what they hear
  • You can take back the control that the offender took from you when they offended against you.

For an offender:

  • You can take responsibility for your actions and 'front up' for what you have done
  • You can apologise to the victim for your actions
  • You can work out ways in which you can help the victim overcome the problems that you created
  • You can answer their questions and explain why you did what you did
  • You can look at how you can make sure this will not happen again such as through committing to support programmes or work to benefit the victim and/or community
  • By approaching the process in a positive way, you can show the court how genuinely remorseful you are.

Sometimes people decide to do restorative justice for one reason and then experience many other benefits that they did not expect. That is why victim satisfaction levels for those who go through restorative justice are consistently high.

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